SORRY... I don't do photowalks... whatever free time I have, I put it into content creation for this blog. It's not as if this blog supports itself. 

Also note - I’m not running this blog for the sake of monetizing or getting page views. So please, do not solicit me services to increase the engagement of this site. I WILL IGNORE THE EMAIL.

Last, I’m not interested in syndicating the content of this blog anymore. So please, don’t ask. I WILL IGNORE THE EMAIL.

If you have any legitimate question about photography, feel free to contact me. I will usually get back to you within a week - latest.

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Also, I've decided to not reply on the comment section of this blog. It's an issue of time.

If I've made any goof-up on my review, please feel free to add it to the comment section. You are more than welcomed!