Lydia (left), Judit (center), and Anna (right) photographed on the iPhone X. For additional images, click the image to go to our Instagram page.

Lydia (left), Judit (center), and Anna (right) photographed on the iPhone X. For additional images, click the image to go to our Instagram page.



There are many photographic online sites out there, so I will try my best to make the viewing experience a little different - or as much as I could, in the written format. The goals of this site is to provide an online resource of photographic gear that one is less likely to find from another site. Because of that, I won't be repeating what you will find on other sites. There will be no unboxing, no traditional reviews, and definitely no specs. Besides, it wouldn't be me. In fact, I won't even include images of the gear I'm using on this site. For that, you would need to visit the site's Instagram page

The focus of this site is to show how a camera or lens captures a person in photograph. It made sense to limit the scope of this site, given that most of us primarily photograph friends and family. In addition, the chosen method of image capture for this site will be candid, since it is the most common genre of image capture. That means most images on this site will be taken with available light. Because of the site's objective, I have enlisted the assistance of my besties Anna, Judit, and Lydia, and on occasion, their friends for the sample images used on this site. This insures a level of consistency, in order to better reach the goal of this site. In other words, I won't be relying on opportunistic street photography or remunerated work product for my sample images. 

I will also concentrate on higher value photographic gear, since finding similar reviews may be more difficult to come by. And to make the viewing experience more interesting, I will also conduct many comparisons and challenges - if for no other reason than for the sake of curiosity and good old fashion fun.

And on occasion, I will offer an opinion in the discourse of photography.

Remember, this is a blog. I don't perceive myself as an expert - nor should you. Having said that, I do have access to most of the more popular high value camera gear currently in the marketplace. As such, I will likely have an informed perspective with whatever I'm reviewing in a wider context. Having said that, I will be frank with whatever I'm doing. But most importantly, I will try to make my reviews and blog posts relevant, hopefully awesome, and still try to keep goof-ups to a minimum. It will happen, since I'm pretty much a one person show doing this on my free time, with only help from Anna, Judit, and Lydia in front of the camera.

By the way, if I do goof up, please tell me. It's really why I'm blogging. Other than providing myself a creative outlet, the main reason I'm blogging is for the sake of accountability - for without it, I won't be able to evolve and improve in my chosen medium. It's not like I'm blogging for my livelihood.

Updated on the Lunar New Year, 2019



Graduated from Parsons School of Design. Worked in the fashion industry. Has professional experience in photography.



Contributor. Anna is a model living in Hong Kong. 

Anna's preference is for smaller cameras. Photographic focus on street photography and personal candids.

You can visit Anna's Instagram here.



Contributor. Lydia is a model living in Hong Kong.

Lydia had a Sony point and shoot for selfies... unfortunately, she dropped it.

You can visit Lydia's Instagram here.



"Contributor at Large". Judit is a model living in Hong Kong for the interim.

You can visit Judit's Instagram here



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