January 18th, 2018

I've been feeling badly about posting below my self-imposed target of once a week. So lately, I've tried to be more active. Admittedly, creating content with Anna off enjoying an extended observance of Orthodox Christmas does put a wrinkle into my grand scheme. But I must credit Judit for mitigating the loss for filling in nicely during the interim. That said, I'm afraid of running out of entertaining content to muse about, if I start to update more often. After all, there can only be so much that can be written about any one subject. 

One goal I wish to address to you is my intent to incorporate more film into my reviews. I don't know how realistic that is, given the time lag of developing the negatives. However, I've been trying to streamline my process in realizing that objective. Personally, I believe a discussion in film is a worthwhile endeavor. From the perspective of personal growth, the practice of film is really a natural progression in the exploration of photography. 

I suppose there is also an added practical benefit to including film as part of my weekly musing. Writing about it essentially expands my scope of discussion, in warding off creative entropy from having nothing more to say. As a result, I would likely be able to blog more than my once a week quota without appearing uninspired, redundant, and irrelevant. I think if I get to that point, I should most definitely close up shop, and put this blog out to pasture.


Naming Conventions
August 21, 2017

Have I ever mentioned how much I dislike the name of this blog? When I first started it, I didn't know what to call it. And when I first started my Instagram account, I didn't know what to call that either. Frankly, I didn't think much about it, since I didn't think much was going to come out of it. But then the strangest thing happened - both the blog and the Instagram account got noticed?

So now I'm stuck with this name. But in the bigger scheme of things, does it really matter. I guess not. Although now in hindsight, I think I would have called it something else. 


Long Overdue
March 15th, 2017

As some of you may have noticed, I have reduced the blog's Instagram activity for the last two months. That is because we haven't had much to express on that forum. To post for the sake of posting doesn't quite make sense to us. Besides, it was getting a little mundane.

On the subject of mundane, we are of the opinion that this blog is getting a little too comfortable with the status quo. We've been somewhat focused on gear for a while. So I think... or rather I resolve to write more insight articles... which I keep on saying. But I don't think there is much more about the Leica M10 that I can write about. 

Having said that, it does appear that there is interest in more straightforward lens comparisons, so maybe I'll do more of that... and also maybe think about doing some kind of lens compendium. But I don't think it would be right to ask Anna to sit for that. Like I said on my first two attempts, it was extremely tedious.

Oh yes, Bellamy Hunt of Japan Camera Hunter has completed our second camera modification. The modification was inspired by Pikachu. He has also informed us that our third one is near completion. This is where it gets interesting. We've been somewhat "safe" so far with our modification. I am hoping to see how far we can go with it.

Last but not least, I am thankful for your continued support in visiting our blog. We do spend quite a bit of effort and resource creating content. So it's gratifying to know that what we're doing isn't the proverbial tree falling in a forest without anyone around.

Sharing is best when you can actually share.


Happy New Year
January 31st, 2017

It's long overdue, but Happy New Year, and also Happy Lunar New Year, if you celebrate it (as I do). 

First off, it has been quite some time since I last checked the Analytic of this blog, and I am surprised to discover that the readership has doubled since November. As I've maintained, I really didn't expect anyone to take any notice of this blog when it began back in May of 2016. 

In growing this blog, I am thankful to both Leica Rumors and the Phoblographer for featuring my writing on their respective sites. It is a good bet that it facilitated recognition of this blog early on. However, what I did not foresee was Googles' extent in growing this site. Although I saw evidence of it back in November, I didn't expect half of all traffic deriving from Google searches around the world. I am truly humbled.

With increased traffic, I believe I should create some kind of site index to make it easier to reference gear that I've written about or my insights into photography.

I also intend to branch out onto different projects. I've already started work with Bellamy Hunt of Japan Camera Hunter in modifying a series of analog cameras - the first being a pink Leica M3. There are two more currently in the works, with probably four of five more on the drawing board. The hope is to modify 20 cameras, which I know will take some time.

 I also intend to write more on the art of photography. I am of the opinion that there isn't sufficient discussion on it. In truth, I would have started on this already, but pairing my narrative with images is time consuming and tricky. I don't want to publish anything before it is ready. Last, I intend to branch out photographically. This is the hard part, since I haven't determined how to do that. But I have an idea that it would have to be some kind of narrative.

Other than that, for those who are interested in my experience growing this site, both Instagram and Facebook are not the greatest sources of referral. Actually, Instagram is horrible. It's for this reason I've stopped posting notification of new write ups on that platform. As for Facebook, sharing an article is only a click of a switch on Squarespace, so it's not a huge imposition.

But again, I'm in no hurry to grow this site. I've already declined syndication on 3 very popular photographic sites. I'm more than satisfied with the current growth of readership. It has been both fun and rewarding doing this, and I am just happy doing this for the sake of fun.


November 19, 2016

Well... I've been online for half a year now... and so I've been doing some site analysis again. From what I can see, it seems that my readership - meaning you - are not so interested in Canon products. Interest seems to be focused on Leica and then Nikon. Interest in Canon seems to only appear when it is used in comparison to a Leica or Nikon.

Another interesting discovery that I have made is that many of you seem to be finding my site through Google. I hadn't expected that. I suppose what that means is that this site has been visited enough time to have been noticed by Google's search algorithm.

With that being the case, the logical thing to do is conduct and publish more basic lens reviews, offering sample images under different circumstances.

There also seems to be interest in my insight pieces. So I guess I will continue to do more of that. The only thing need mentioning is that those insight pieces require more time to do, given a greater need for reflection and editing. I think I've rushed a couple of insight pieces before, and as a result, the writing may not have been as accessible.

Other than that, I am thankful for your continued visits. Without your readership, it wouldn't make sense for me to continue. 

PS - when I have more time, I will probably also work on some more of those "bubble gum" write ups that seem to be very popular.


September 22nd, 2016

I've been wanting to do my lexicon of Leica lenses for quite some time. I've actually made three attempts, but in all those tries, I'm not satisfied with the results. I was really quite awful - even for someone who goofs up rather liberally.

I even brought the lenses to a factory in China to do this. In doing so, I was almost detained by Chinese Customs, soon after my flight. They were concerned that I was smuggling lenses into the country. And when I said that I was a photographer, it only got worse, until I explained that I was a blogger and not a journalist.

On my last attempt with Anna, I came to the conclusion that it really wasn't all that interesting to see how lenses rendered across the aperture frame - even if I were to make the sample images uniform for all the lenses. 

Even so, I still want to do this. It's just I haven't figured out the best way to do this. I think I will need a studio and I would need to use strobes, since I cannot depend on incandescent light, which tends to flicker. And I can't do this outside either, given the inconsistency of the weather.

I'll keep you updated to see if I can figure out a better solution. 


A Time To Reflect
September 16th, 2016

This is officially my fourth month online and on Instagram. Strangely, I'm still having problem calling myself a blogger - although I've accepted the designation, since it's so much easier to explain than saying "I from time to time post some write-ups onto this internet site that I started". 

At the time when I started, I really didn't know where this so-called "side distraction" was going to take me. I am realistic, you know. I didn't for one second believe that I was going to attract an audience. And I had good reason to be realistic, because this site is not my first attempt in starting a site.

Well, it has been four month, and strangely I have attracted a modest audience. I didn't expect that. In fact, what I really didn't expect was getting feedback - which sounds strange - but you have to remember that I wasn't on social media until four months ago.

So what have I learned in the last four months about my audience?

1. Many of you want more of my Insight pieces dealing with the art and process of photography.
2. You really seem to like bokeh a lot. I will update some of my earlier posts, since I don't really like them, now that my site has evolved.
3. Some of you are interested to know more about Anna. I don't blame you, since she has been great to work with.

Looking forward, I might add a new blog focus, under the category "Narratives". It seems like the natural progression for me, given that I've been writing about the art and process of photography, and I've been reviewing photographic gear. What I haven't been doing is using what I have and what I know to present what photography is intended to do, which is tell a story. Question now is where to start.

Anyway, if you have found this section, tucked away in my menu section, and if you are actually reading my thoughts, I thank you ahead of time in allowing me this indulgence. I think it will help add greater clarity with what I want to do with this site - which I honestly don't know - given that it is still a work in progress.